Also known as Mandavgarh

Mandav Fort Madhya Pradesh

It is famous for its amazing Fort.

Mandu also known as Mandavgarh is situated at a distance of about 145 km from the Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh. The town is located amidst the Vindhya Ranges, at an elevation of 633 meters (2079 feet) above the sea level and extends for 13 km (8 miles). It was originally founded in the 10th century by the Parmar rulers who made it their fort capital. Later, it was conquered by the Delhi Sultans, who named it as Shadiabad, meaning the "City of Happiness". There are a host of historical monuments here which are constructed on the fusion of Hindu and Afghan style of architecture.

Mandavgarh is famous for its amazing Fort. The fort is 82 km in perimeter and is considered to be the biggest in India. It contains the ruins of palaces, ornamented canals, baths, pavilions etc. The fort was once the monsoons retreat of the Mughal emperors. Mandu has over 40 monuments which are divided into three broad categories: the Central Village Group, the Royal Enclave Group, and the Rewa Kund Group. The city is also famous for the legendary romantic tale of Rani Roopmati and poet-prince Baz Bahadur which still haunts the place.

Mandu, due to its strategic position and natural defense, was an important place with a rich and varied history. It was an important military outpost and its military past can be gauged by the circuit of the battlemented wall, which is nearly 37 km (23 miles) and is punctuated by 12 gateways. The wall encloses a large number of palaces, mosques, Jain temples of 14th century and other buildings. The oldest mosque dates from 1405; the finest is the Jama Masjid or great mosque, a notable example of Pashtun architecture. The marble domed tomb of this ruler is also magnificent.

The mystical beauty of the monuments, amidst the sprawling lush green landscape and the purple sunset sky, paints the live picture of the bygone era. The effect is completed by the rich surroundings of mango, tamarind and banyan trees. The place is also famous for its 'Khusrani Imli', tamarind trees which bear fruit only in the rainy season and juicy custard apples.

Mandu can be reached via taxi, available from Ujjain

. You can buy beautiful Chanderi and Rewa [Maheshwari] sarees here, as well as some medicinal herbs and local handicraft.

Some of the notable places are:

  • The Darwazas/Gates
  • Jahaz Mehal/Ship Palace
  • Hindola Mahal
  • Hoshang Shah's Tomb
  • Jami Masjid
  • Rewa Kund
  • Roopmati's Pavilion
  • Baz Bahadur's Palace