Maharishi Sandipani Ashram

School of Lord Krishna, Balram and Sudaama

Shri Sandipani Ashram Ujjain

Only Place where you will see a standing Nandi.

The fact that ancient Ujjain apart from its political and religious importance, enjoyed the reputation of being a great seat of learning as early as the Mahabharata period is borne out by the fact that, Lord Krishna and Sudama received regular instruction in the ashram of Rishi Sandipani.

Maharishi Sandipani was an acharya whose life is closely associated with that of Lord Krishna. In fact, Maharishi Sandipani was the tutor of Krishna and Balaram. The brothers, along with their friend Sudama, went to study at Guru Sandipani's ashram. The two picked up their studies so fast that the sage thought he was educating the sun and the moon, legend has it.

After the completion of their studies, they asked the sage to name a guru dakshina of his choice. Since Krishna was an avatar of God, the sage asked him to restore his son, lost in the ocean at Prabhaas.

Krishna and Balarama went in search of the sage's son. When they reached Prabhaas, they found that Sandipani's son had been taken hostage by the demon Shankhasur (who lived in a shankh, or conch) beneath the ocean. Krishna and Balaram took the conch to Yama, who blew into the conch and Sandipani's son was extracted.

Shree Krishna handed over to Maharishi Sandipani his son, and kept the conch obtained from Shankasur, which is known as the panchjanya in the scriptures.

Sandipani Muni lived in the vicinity of today's Ujjain, then known as Avantika. It was at a place known as Ankapata near the the Sandipani Muni ashram that Krishna washed his writing tablets. The numerals 1 to 100 found inscribed on a stone here to this day are believed to have been engraved by Guru Sandipani himself. Near the ashram is located the Gomti Kund, a staircased water tank where Krishna supposedly summoned all the holy waters from various centres so that his old Guru, Sandipani Muni, need not travel to far off holy places.