Shree Mahakaleshwar Bhasma Aarti

Only Jyotirling where Bhasma Arti is performed

A daily ritual of Shree Mahakaleshwar.

The Bhasma Aarti (offering of ashes) is a mandatory ritual offered to Lord Mahakaleshwar daily at 4 AM. This two hour long pooja is performed using burning cow dung cakes (upale). During Aarti, chanting of mantras, sounds and vibrations within make it a very powerful aarti once in a life time experience. Among 12 jyotirling, this jyotirling is the only place where bhasma aarti is performed.

During the bhasma aarti no one is allowed to enter into garbhagriha. Devotees will be allowed to nandi hall and barricades behind nandi hall for participating in the bhasma aarti. Nandi hall which is situated outside the sanctum santorumm, accommodates 100 people where as 500 devotees could sit near barricades behind the nandi hall.

Bhasma aarti is free and registration is only for authentication of visitor.

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